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Tailoring: Old Meets New

The art of tailoring dates to the early Middle Ages with custom, padded linen garments that were worn under heavy metal armor. The suit tailor as we know it today has been in trade since the 1100s. The evolution of the custom tailor has seen quite a journey, and the craft which holds so much tradition and nostalgia is now thrust into a very different world of online shopping. William Teddington embraces the change and welcomes the challenge, as old meets new. This ever evolving craft has one constant – striving to achieve the perfect fit and feel for its customers.

What We Do Best

With years of experience in bespoke menswear, our core values have been to provide quality and luxury in a range of products that appeal to all customers. Our fabric selection and craftsmanship are well and truly refined, and now our focus is maintaining that standard of quality and service as the tailor market scales for more customers through affordability and the power of the internet. What we do best remains the same, getting the fit spot on, providing quality and durability, and making this accessible to everyone.

What's Ahead?

The tailor landscape is at an exciting stage, as online processes are refined and ingenuity prevails. Advances in the measurement submission process are progressing, as is technology for replicating the interactive experience of going to a menswear tailor. William Teddington will continue to work alongside leading online retailers to provide the best quality and shopping experience to its customers.